Why We Need Essential a Healthy Body

As we know body help a need mineral your body, head or anything a part body that need support blood it’s running through overall your body, your body relies mineral, to optimal healthy.

As you know body have not produce a mineral it’s need help support from a food, we must get from food and water.

Many foods have a formula, as contain such as macro minerals dive from such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.  And trace minerals, such as, selenium, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, this group as know trace minerals. Many scientisms believe that role of these formulas, they understand the critical role play of human healthy. This is not just commonly vitamin or mineral only.

According U.S Department Agricultural. And other research reveal that a food just remain relatively stable in vitamin but deficient of minerals, particularly just trace minerals only. To optimal healthy body.

There are deficiencies of mineral are varied and and surface any more this include
 GI Issues constipation diarrhea, poor digestion.
 Poor immune Function
 Impaired Cognitive function : memories learning
 Mucless Issues pains spasms, cramping weakness
 Heart Issues
 Generalized pain weakness or Fatigues
 Development delay or behavioral Issues

So what is problem overall eat healthy process espeacially dark leafy, green vegetables,  fruit, nuts, legumes anty many more supplement to support multiple healthy body.

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