How to fast weight loss diet plan lose 5kg in 5 days

Talk about some important facts linked to weight loss and weight gain in our life we must have come across few people who eat more than us and still does not gain fat or weight so have you ever wondered why and why with the same amount of food you are getting fat be whereas the other person does not so let me tell you the reason what we eat is not just the single reason which determines the weight gain or weight loss there are some websites linked to it for example ours be an art that is vessel metabolic rate or informal terms our body's metabolism so the people

those who have good metabolism tends to lose calories fast and hence as a result they do not turn fat where is the other people those who doesn't have good  metabolic rate they have weight gain  problem so drinking water can bring 1:18 abundant amount of oxygen into the body  and hence can make you metabolically  active and so applies to the detox water as a contain abundant amount of water and few good items which will help you

in turning yourself metabolically active  so this are the few ingredients that you  will require for making this detox water  mint leaves rose petals ginger and lemon so now first talked about mint leaves 1:51 and what they can do mint clears the stomach the reduces the chances of  getting acnes pimples and other skin problems and it helps in maintaining the 2:02 oil balance of the skin as it reduces  the excess oil secretion by the skin now.

we are talking about ginger gives painless periods it cleanses the digestive system studies shows that people those who consume ginger tends to lose weight 10% faster than the people those who does not now next is lemon it helps in removing the toxic substance from the body it makes our baby metabolically active and it rejuvenates

the skin now next is rose now many people do not know about that we can eat rose petals it removes the infection from digestive tract it helps in clarifying the gall bladder problem it.

helps him getting good and regular periods and that is very very good for our skin and specially for recluse purpose as it activates our skin by many many facts which are really helpful for our skin and body so those patterns are something that can really help you in this purpose and rose petal are the most important ingredient of today's detox water so now we will see how to make
this now for making this we are going to take all these ingredients in the jar here I am just going to grind it well to  get in smooth paste out of it you can  see I have just cleaned the rose petals.

now I am taking this into the jar and along with that I am taking all the other ingredients into the vessel where I can place them so I am adding the lemon juice so this is how you have to just add everything together it's not very tough it is a very simple recipe.

once you grind it completely you can see it this is how the paste is going to look like it is almost a reddish brown color paste and this is really really helpful and healthy for the people and it really tastes good that is the most important thing it's really taste good.

so next what you have to do to take this into a fresh skin mouth you can refrigerate or you can add ice water for making the whole thing or the Woodcock's water now I'm just taking it into the glass and make sure you filter it else you may feel that there's something which is feeling sticky

so I'm just filtering it and I'm just taking the half in a glass and I'm just taking out the juice and the main constituent of that that's it now pressurizing that with the spoon will help in getting the whole amount of juice out of it so you can see how it looks like so the question is who can consume this detox water and who cannot so the people of any age group and any problem those who are having this weight lose or weight gain problem or any kind of body pain or anything they can consume it easily only thing we have to focus that it cannot be consumed by a women who is breastfeeding or is pregnant right now so this is a very very helpful method of detoxifying.

your body and can make you really healthy so make sure you to consume this and the main thing is that if you feel it's not sweet enough then you can add honey along with that and it will work
amazingly as honey and lemon together can again make you lose your weight by some factors

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