Introduction About Mineals


define a mineral as a substance that is

natural which means that humans don't

manufacture it is a solid that is it

keeps its form at room temperature and

has a distinct chemical makeup which

means it has a specific chemical formula

that's consistent throughout the mineral

this is true whether the mineral is made

of a single element or of a combination

of elements a specific chemical makeup

distinguishes minerals from rocks which

are mixtures of many different materials

in addition to these qualities most

meteorologists agree that minerals are a

biogenic that is not produced in living

organisms and that they have atoms that

are arranged in a specific order this

property results in many minerals taken

the form of crystals meteorologists have

identified almost 5000 unique kinds of

minerals they're classified by physical

properties such as color hardness luster

how they reflect light and radio

activity despite Earth's wide variety of

minerals about 90% of our planet's crust

is made up of minerals composed largely

of silicon and oxygen called silicate

minerals the most common silicate

minerals are called feldspar and quartz

minerals don't just make up the earth

they also make up about 4 percent of

your body mass because minerals can't be

made by the body it's important that we

get them in our diet some of the more

important ones include calcium and

phosphorus important for bones and teeth

iron essential in red blood cells and

potassium and sodium required for

healthy nerve cells we also require

trace minerals like copper zinc and

iodine humans use minerals in everything

from cereals to batteries to shampoos to

pet foods in fact at least 30 minerals
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