How To Choose Food healthy Recipe

Food That Gives you fuel that you need to grow, some foods have more nutrients in them than others, to making good choices about what you eat will help your body, so including your make bones, your brain, to grow well, so The Food you choose make even smarter !

" as you know that Food making growing brain need certain nutrients from food ? "brain food" include fish, vegetables, such as brocolli and eggs, and milk, other smart choices for your brain.

Maybe a particlar many foods, may taste good thing, but that doesn't mean that eating it is the best choice for you to make, sweet, sugar likes, cookies or a piece of cakes taste good.

Eating these types of foods once in a while is not problem, but if you eat foods that are high in sugar and fat all the the time, it's bad fyou this because your  body uses everyting you eat as fuel.
and these types of foods are filled to much of the wrong kinds of fuel.

After you eaten something, your body need beak food a part so that it can use what it need, Some food have more healthy nutrients in them. Food High Nutrients came from plants, your body uses starch for energy,
protein comes from plants and animals, your body uses protein to grow and repair self.
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